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Sustaining Members

TACA has dedicated this page to those corporate members that have supported the organization by becoming sustaining members. Please be sure to visit their websites or give them a call to find out more about their products or services!

Sustaining Membership Application
Corporate membership is only $200 a year and comes with many great recognition opportunities.

Members: Dan Carlson, Gary Egner,
Gilbert Gonzalez

220 Spring Street, Suite 150
Herndon, Virginia 20170
(703) 787-7775

AmCad's iNTEGRATED CASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (AiCMS) is configurable, secure, auditable, and table-driven all while remaining modifiable by authorized users. AiCMS is a modular application, providing clerks and courts the ability to enter, update, calendar, query and report cases in a person-centric environment.

Smart Start, Inc.
Members: Annette Beard, Sally Bridges,
Debra Coffey, Dottie McDonald

4850 Plaza Drive
Irving, TX 75063-2317


Smart Start ignition interlock products are breath alcohol analyzers that keep drivers with DWIs/DUIs from operating vehicles if their breath alcohol level is over a pre-set level. Our small electronic handheld devices are a cost-effective alternative to jail or license suspension, and allow offenders to keep driving. Smart Start is the only company in the industry offering fully integrated services – manufacturing, installation, service and comprehensive monitoring and reporting.