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Election Information

Welcome to the Texas Association for Court Administration’s Elections Page! The Texas Association for Court Administration strives to identify leaders within our organization and we are always looking for ways that members can become more involved in the association. How better to do that than to declare your candidacy for the Board of Directors. This year, there will be 2 positions open for the Board. It’s not too early to be thinking about declaring your candidacy.

If you have any questions about the Board of Directors or the Nominations Committee, please feel to contact the Nominations Chair, Dean Stanzione at
(806)775-1987 or

Additional Forms:
Declaration of Candidacy


The Nominations Committee is responsible for presenting nominations for officers of the association at the annual meeting. We encourage any and all qualified candidates to fill out a “Declaration of Candidacy” form.

The Nominating Committee will use the following criteria to evaluate candidates:
  • Number of years employed in a position of court leadership
  • Number of years of membership in TACA
  • How active candidate has been on committees; and other
  • Specific criteria found in the Constitution and By-laws of TACA
As you consider filling out a Declaration of Candidacy, please keep in mind that you are making the following minimum time commitment:

The Board of Directors has four meetings a year: one immediately after the annual conference, one during the Action Plan Meeting in December, one during Professional Development Conference in June and one at the Judicial Conference in September.

In addition to the board meetings, the Board has numerous conference calls throughout the year to vote on various topics before the Board.

As a board member, you are also assigned to be the liaison for a designated committee (Publications, Education, Scholarship or Membership). Several hours a month will need to be allotted to this responsibility of liaison.

Candidates are required to complete the Declaration of Candidacy form and to submit it by July 1, 2017, in order to be considered as an active candidate by the committee. Individuals will submit their declaration of candidacy and the Nominations committee reviews them based on the criteria listed in the section preceding this. The committe submits a slate to the Board for review and approval, the Board votes on and adopts the slate of candidates for the ballot, and then a member of the Nomination committee contacts the potential candidates , informing them of the Board's actions and their options if not selected, nomination from the floor/participation on a committee. Candidate profiles will appear in the August edition of the TACA Journal. Voting will be conducted at the 2017 Annual Conference in Austin or by proxy ballot, if you are unable to attend the conference.