Texas Association for Court Administration
A Professional Association | Founded 1976

The History of TACA

Court administrators and coordinators were making their mark on the judicial scene for several years before the formation of the Texas Association for Court Administration, or TACA. Interest in establishing a professional organization became apparent during a series of Court Administration Seminars sponsored by the Texas Center for the Judiciary.

At one such seminar, held in October 1976, James Dunlap, the seminar director, suggested that interested administrators and coordinators form a committee to establish a statewide organization.

A committee, the Executive Committee, was formed. Its members were: Professor Richard Jackson, West Texas State University, Canyon; Charlie Nay, Corpus Christi; Shirley Cluck, Dumas; Joyce Fewell, Lubbock; Ida Johnson, Fort Worth; Edd Blackwood, Houston; and Pat Revill, Dallas.

This committee conducted a statewide survey of court administrators/coordinators, and received unanimous approval. All persons contacted recognized the need for continuing education and professionalism, and for some organization was the answer.

The committee then drafted a constitution. The constitution was approved by participants at the Court Administration Seminar on November 17, 1976 through November 20, 1976.

The First Annual Meeting of TACA was held November 1976, and, upon the constitution being approved by those present at this meeting, the Texas Association for Court Administration became a reality. Approximately 55 coordinators/administrators signed the preamble to TACA’s Constitution, and approved wholeheartedly TACA’s primary purpose:

“To promote continuing education and to aid in identifying the individual needs of the Courts and their administrative personnel improving justice in Texas.”

TACA members immediately got down to business. The first Board of Directors, who served for the 1977-1978 year, was elected, committees were set up and chairman elected, and TACA began its move toward the vibrant, growing association it is today.

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